Westone 3 is available for $400 and is a revolutionary 3 way speaker system. Is it worth the $300? Lets go into the details. The $400 speaker earphones from Westone is completely different from Ultimate Ears offering. There are 11 different ear tips that come with the Westone 3. Eight sets of rubber tips are also part of the package in many sizes. There are 3 sizes of comply style foam tips.

This is probably the best alternative in its class. A carry case comes with this package, and a headphone plug adapter. Thats not all, there is also a cleaning tool and a volume attenuating cable. There are many parts to store and that is a bother.

The canalphones aren’t exactly the same. The earphones nestle into the ears and don’t protude much. Although the earphones look inexpensive, they feel good. Westones cords are light. The sound it delivers is warm and light. If you like bass you will like the Westone 3. Definitely one of the best.