There is weird and then there is niche. Speakal iPig Amethyst, curiously named is niche. It is a speaker for kids. There have been some entrants in this niche and the latest is Speakal, a tiny company, that has delivered a pig shaped speaker system called iPig. Among animal shaped speakers, this one sound the best. It comes in yellow, pink and white and reminds you of your childhood piggy bank.

The eyes are chrome ringed speakers and ears look like they are from another planet. There is a nice remote control that comes with it as well as an auxiliary audio cable, three dock adapters, and power supply. The nose features black infrared sensors and in the mouth there is a glowing power light. The other parts of the body feature different parts of the speaker system.

Now for the sound quality. It is really good. The sound quality has been tweaked to get the most out of the system. The remote gives a remarkable level of control over the iPod and sound. The dock isn’t the best there could have been. Apart from this issue and the lack of variety in the color, this is one system I liked. The sound quality is really good for the price. This system is unique and fun.