Nostalgia is the key in the purchase of a Saffire Jukebox Station. Just three feet tall unlike a traditional jukebox (5 feet), the Saffire Jukebox’s sound is umm satisfactory. Audio performance is not the best there is. The wood cabinet and front look fantastic and the only eyesores are the tiny font and artwork.

66 pounds heavy, this Jukebox Station with a Universal Dock for the iPod has an 80 watt stereo system with a CD player, FM radio, IR remote and av outputs that can connect to tv. The top is shielded by plastic and contains a universal iPod Dock. The iPod is safe inside coz there are keys that remain with you.Smaller than a typical jukebox and larger than the typical iPod speaker the main function of this Saffire Jukebox is to add ambience to the area it is placed in. The design of the Saffire Jukebox complete with an artificial turntable and everything is the highlight of this product.

The menu navigation and other integrated controls are built into the front of the unit. The FM Radio has classical styling and has separate controls for treble, bass, tuning, volume and input selection. This one costs $699 and you will want to buy it, if you do, for the looks and not the sound. Men are more apt to want this than women.