Phitek Blackbox C18 are earcup style noise cancellation headphones. These phones are good but I prefer noise cancelling canalphones. Although the sound is good and some of the surrounding sound is stopped, with lighter, cheaper options available that provide the same benefits why would someone want to buy the C18?

The C18 buds, although large are nice looking. They are made totally from black plastic. They are comfortable to the ear with soft touch rubber coats. Also included is the large zippered carrying case, headphone adapters – 2 as well as a mini lanyard.
When you run out of battery on the C18, you better be carrying a spare. The worst part of this pair of headphones is that canalphones are substantially better. Also you need to carry around a battery pack. One must not however that for the price, the C18 delivers excellent sound. Both lows and highs are well accentuated.

Although I wouldn’t recommend this pair of earphones very highly, the music does sound good with it, undoubtedly. Compared to the audio quality, the price isn’t too high. So it is a 50-50 if you want to buy it.