After the announcement in January about the new iPod desktop radio costs $300. The 400iHD looks like a JBL speaker system and sounds like one as well. That isn’t strange. However, this system doesn’t feel like JBL. This one is a complete redesign. There has been a loss of elegance in the redesign and the […]

The Bose SoundDock is what many people think of when looking for iPod speakers. But there are also some good alternatives out there. One great alternative is the iVoice Wall Mountable Speaker from Athena Technologies. It gives you performance that is about as good for $100 less as well as several great features. You can […]

AIAIAI Swirl Earphone Review

AIAIAI, a company from Denmark has come out with their first product which is a AIAIAI Swirl Earphone 1.0. The technical development of this product was done along with MSA Technology. The company responsible for the design is Kilo Design. Based on industrial design, this earphone gives good quality material combined with stellar audio quality. […]

The Foldable Compact Speakers from Audio Technica are an amazing piece of work that let you listen to your iPod or even a PDA, MD or CD player. The best thing is that no battery is required. Whew that takes half the work out of listening to my iPod. These speakers are super compact and […]

If you are on the lookout for a foldable mini speaker, consider the Bosity. This speaker is perfect for homes, offices and any other place. These high intensity aluminum speakers produce fantastic sound quality. Your iPod begs to be heard with the Bosity. It also works with portable CD players, MP3s, DVD, VCD and MD. […]

Speakal iPig Amethyst Review

There is weird and then there is niche. Speakal iPig Amethyst, curiously named is niche. It is a speaker for kids. There have been some entrants in this niche and the latest is Speakal, a tiny company, that has delivered a pig shaped speaker system called iPig. Among animal shaped speakers, this one sound the […]

Here is the latest offering from iHome and that too just when you thought that the world of speaker systems is finally stuck in a rut or has been thwarted by Bose. This is the iH51, priced at $150.This is basically a pair of satellite speakers couples with a subwoofer and with an additional iPod […]

Apple iPhone 3G Dock Review

Unlike earlier, this time around Apple has left the dock out of the box purchase. Instead it is now offering an updated official alternative, the iPhone 3G Dock for a price of $29.  Like the earlier docking stations released by it, the iPhone 3G Dock by Apple is again made of plain white plastic with […]

Last year there was much excitement about Logitech’s release of Pure-Fi Anywhere as a sort of second iteration of mm50, a portable iPod speaker with an in-built rechargeable battery.Pure-Fi was an improvement on the old design with better looks and a better remote control. However, as was the case with the other speakers available in […]

It’s the power of two at its best and most important of all-at it’s cheapest! It is rare that a relatively new and much lower priced speaker system is able to almost ‘embarrass’ its expensive competitor when it comes to how much more it can deliver and at half the price. The Jensen JiMS-525i does […]