Earphone fashion is a fashion unto its own. It has evolved and bettered over the past few years. Aesthetics became popular after the iPod became big. Large casings made way to smaller ones. Rough edges made way to smoother ones. Materials became interesting looking and smooth. There was a fundamental rethink in the approach to earphone making.

Nixon The Wire In-Ear Custom Earphones cost $90 and a good attempt has been made to make the big earphones more visually appealing. There is a combination microphone and single button remote control on the cord. The emphasis is more on treble in these earphones and less on bass.

It isn’t the best value for money. There are many $50 earphones that sound as good. The fit of the earphones could be better too. The mics are like other mics in iPhone ready headsets. It is slightly more natural than the other mics.

The premium on the headset is too high to justify its features. The main attraction of this headset is the design and cosmetic appeal. There are only two colors in this one, however – white and black.

These earphones are striking but the sound isn’t the best out there. If you want to look good, buy these. If you want to enjoy the music there are better offerings out there.