After the announcement in January about the new iPod desktop radio costs $300. The 400iHD looks like a JBL speaker system and sounds like one as well. That isn’t strange. However, this system doesn’t feel like JBL. This one is a complete redesign. There has been a loss of elegance in the redesign and the shape is more conservative and less intuitive.

As a result, this iPod system is only satisfactory by the standards set by JBL in the past. Still compared to the competition it is good. It is heir to the On Time in name but a heir to On Stage 200iD in style. The system costs $150 which is not extremely expensive, but not damn cheap either. On Time 400 iHD is different from On Stage 200ID in that it has a blue backlit clock and text screen which is it’s only notable difference.
The new On Time has a bigger screen than the old On Time, a little easier to see but not completely. Display is not exactly pretty but multiple alarms can be set. There are a number of features but all are not exactly thrilling. It has HD radio and iTunes Tagging. There are two included antennas, one bipolar and one unipolar.

In terms of overall performance, you may be disappointed if you have see other JBL audio systems.