Here is the latest offering from iHome and that too just when you thought that the world of speaker systems is finally stuck in a rut or has been thwarted by Bose. This is the iH51, priced at $150.This is basically a pair of satellite speakers couples with a subwoofer and with an additional iPod alarm clock-slash-radio-slash-dock charging base. The iH51 delivers a much superior experience than the iH70.  

The iH51 is a streamlined version of the iH52 which was released by iHome almost two years ago. At that time, iHome had bunched together similar parts- a subwoofer, twin speakers, an iPod clock base and remote control for the price of $200 and which became quite popular. The iH51 downsizes these parts to a little extent. The twin-driver satellites are now made available in a 2.25” single-driver version. The subwoofer is 4” and the iPod dock has a comfortable 15 rather than cumbersome 18 buttons.


There are even more prominent improvements. The hard-to-read text of the clock has been revised into a white-text on black version with a much better eight-stage dimmer. The clock has all-in-one features that are a signature style of iHome. The remote now includes iPod menu navigation.

Even though the design seems to have been derived from Griffin, and is not as impressive, the iH51 still looks handsome enough to be worthy to stand on your shelf.