The H2O Audio Interval headphones are made for the iPod Shuffle second generation. It isn’t the early bird that gets the worm because the iPod Shuffle 2G has been discontinued. If you are a swimmer and own an iPod Shuffle 2G, you will love this accessory. All you need is a waterproof case. Combined with the Surge model, this headphone system gives you the best underwater music experience with the shuffle.

A rubber box holds the 2G Shuffle comfortably, keeping it safe from the water. A pressure clasp is used for this purpose. You can dive underwater up to 12 feet and your shuffle will be safe. You have access to the power and/or shuffle mode switches. This one promises to keep the Shuffle dry as it comes from a company with extensive experience. The weight addition is small.

Included are many other items. You get 5 rubber tip sets. Moreover you get a carrying case for the parts. It is easy to use the shuffle when you own this H2O. Not only do the earphones do a great job of keeping the water out, they also do a good job of preserving the sound. This offering is a great one given the price.

This one works great with goggles and they are somewhat desirable. The iSH2 has a headband and lower audio quality. The H2O needs goggles for stability. That is the only little catch in the machine. A great deal for $80.