iPods are now more powerful and efficient than ever before. The Tunejuice battery charger for the iPhone costs $30 and looks better than the first Tunejuice. The white and glossy Tunejuice is now matte and black. The new version uses 4 AAA batteries.

Now the iPhone can be powered for about two hours of talk time or 1.5 hours of internet use. A completely discharged iPod Nano 4G can be completely recharged. The first set of AAA’s will be provided by Griffin and you have to buy the rest.
Because it costs $30, this player is not so exciting. It is a better idea to buy more expensive battery recharge packs. If you are likely to be far away from battery chargers for a long period of time then maybe you can think of going for Tunejuice. It looks nice and feels nice but is not the most practical.

Because of power efficient designs, the Tunejuice is appealing. However the earlier Tunejuice which is $10 cheaper and similar in operation is more practical.