Gear 4 Duo has a number of features that make it a desirable speaker system for the iPod. There are also some things that take away from the good points of this speaker system. The docking station is also a subwoofer. Also included is a rechargeable battery. There is a second battery bay and a wall charger that is also included. It features dock adapters and infrared remote control. The design is simple and functional.

Lets go through what might make you choose not to buy this system. The audio performance of the portable piece is not great on its own and the combined performance is not great value for price.
There has been a lack of versatility in this space and the Gear 4 Duo comes as a breath of fresh air. As a versatile speaker system for the iPod, it transforms to a mid sized desktop system from a slim portable speaker. The speaker system is not too big and this is an advantage. Tweeters and midrange sounds are great and bass is intentionally diminished.

Gear 4 Duo is great on control. Overall Gear 4 Duo is a good audio experience and if you want a $200 speaker system for the iPod, check it out.