The Foldable Compact Speakers from Audio Technica are an amazing piece of work that let you listen to your iPod or even a PDA, MD or CD player. The best thing is that no battery is required. Whew that takes half the work out of listening to my iPod. These speakers are super compact and can be carried anywhere you go easily. Not just this, they are lightweight and the design is foldable making these speakers all the more portable.


With a 3.5 plug which is suitable for an iPod, MP3 player, CD player MD or PDA, this speaker system is so versatile, it is amazing. The 50 MM speaker delivers powerful sound. Thump and rock your music to your hearts content. With a built in cable management system, it is non cumbersome. And for those who like to make a statement you can choose from 6 colors. Listen to your iPod music the trendy way!

Well so there you have it, speakers that fulfill every requirement of portability. No battery. Stylish and powerful. Who wouldn’t want to spend their money on this baby. Money? Oh yeah it costs…how much, you ask cautiously…This baby is just $35.99. Now that isn’t so much that you keep away from a speaker like this. Check it out!