The Bose SoundDock is what many people think of when looking for iPod speakers. But there are also some good alternatives out there. One great alternative is the iVoice Wall Mountable Speaker from Athena Technologies. It gives you performance that is about as good for $100 less as well as several great features. You can hang it flat without the dock protruding.

There is an audio in, video out and a USB port. The infrared remote control is perhaps better than the Bose SoundDock – works at a distance of thirty feet. It is fantastic to have all this in one package at this price. It is not as good as the SoundDock in volume and bass. There is only one color it comes in – black.
Although it is the best alternative to the SoundDock, it isn’t the greatest option for playing in large enclosures. The iVoice costs $200 and is better than the Mirage from OmniVibe. If you want the best, then you better go for the iM7 from Altec Lansing. If you want the most popular, go for the Bose SoundDock. If you want affordability with quality then buy the iVoice from Athena technologies.