Unlike earlier, this time around Apple has left the dock out of the box purchase. Instead it is now offering an updated official alternative, the iPhone 3G Dock for a price of $29.

 Like the earlier docking stations released by it, the iPhone 3G Dock by Apple is again made of plain white plastic with a rubber lining at the bottom. This allows you to stand your iPhone 3G on any surface that is flat. Instead of using the device’s headphone port, you can now use the Dock Connector port for outputting audio. Still present is the pass-through Dock Connector function that facilitates connection to the iPhone 3G’s USB cable (included in the pack) and wall adapter. It has been provided with special ventilation for uninterrupted speaker phone use.

The changes that have been made to the regular dock design are minute and not of much consequence. Obsessed with size, Apple’s iPhone 3G Dock is still smaller in size as compared to last year’s iPhone Dock which was actually the tiniest one ever released for an Apple pocket device. The specially molded grooves and precise size of the Dock is made to fit the iPhone 3G and denies fitting the device if it has been placed inside a third-party case, unless of course the case can come partially or entirely off! Also, it lacks the Infrared remote-friendly features of the Apple Universal Dock. Basically, the iPhone 3G Dock is for synchronization, charging, speaker audio and audio output to amplified speakers.

 The only other draw-back if you can call it that is that the iPhone 3G Dock is white in colour.That is surprising because 75% of the iPhone 3Gs being sold are black! White’s nice but nothing spells class like black.