Over the years since the iPod came in, “in canal” earphones have become more popular. There are many that are moderately priced and high priced. Every once in a while a low priced one is launched, though.  Altec Lansing has launched Backbeat, in canal earphones over a wide price range aimed at providing a better musical experience. These earphones range from a price of $30 to $80.

From the outside, the look and feel of all three Backbeat earphones is the same. Made of plastic and silicone rubber, these earphones look pretty in black and gold. The rubber tips are clear and the feel is solid. They look serious and convey professionalism. There is no mic or remote included with these models.
Backbeat classic, the least expensive is a little stubby and ill fitting. There is a lack of bass in these earphones. Backbeat Plus has better bass and a better design. The listening experience is not premium, though. Backbeat Titanium is the best of the lot. With a cool carrying case and an extra set of earbuds, this one fits very well in the ear.

The sound signature in the Backbeat Titanium is classy. It costs $80 – the same as Apple’s in ears with remote and mic. Low on functionality, we would still choose the Titanium because of its sound quality.