AIAIAI, a company from Denmark has come out with their first product which is a AIAIAI Swirl Earphone 1.0. The technical development of this product was done along with MSA Technology. The company responsible for the design is Kilo Design. Based on industrial design, this earphone gives good quality material combined with stellar audio quality.

In addition this earphone fits really great as well. The earphone is designed in a manner that it stands out, if you want to make a statement of style then check out these earphones. The AIAIAI Swirl Earphone is available in Neon orange, black and camo green. The sound is full spectrum from high frequency to extremely low frequency bass.

The sleeve design is such that it delivers external noise reduction. This means clearer sound. You can choose soft foam or latex. This means you can have in ear comfort or full grip to your choice. For best performance you need to insert and seal the earphones in the ear canals. This delivers a full bass response.