Mount this iPod speaker dock next to your toilet, the AFT iCarta has four audio drivers, docks for standard iPods and iPod shuffles. In addition non iPod devices can have a line level input. As if that wasn’t enough even toilet paper can be held in it. Wall power supply and mounting accessories are included.

Some issues with this dock is that it doesn’t auto detect and plays from the iPod only after manually turning power on. Quality of sound is satisfactory and not more than that. Versatility is low. The iCarta from AFt costs $100.
Atech Flash Technology or AFT has been around for about two years. They usually come out with niche, interesting speaker concepts. The speaker drivers are moisture resistant.

Although the iPod sounds better than an FM radio, it is not as clear as the clearest of them. When turned aloud it sounds tinny.

A good buy if you really love your bathroom and spend a lot of time in it.