Gear 4 Duo has a number of features that make it a desirable speaker system for the iPod. There are also some things that take away from the good points of this speaker system. The docking station is also a subwoofer. Also included is a rechargeable battery. There is a second battery bay and a wall charger that is also included. It features dock adapters and infrared remote control. The design is simple and functional.

Lets go through what might make you choose not to buy this system. The audio performance of the portable piece is not great on its own and the combined performance is not great value for price.
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The H2O Audio Interval headphones are made for the iPod Shuffle second generation. It isn’t the early bird that gets the worm because the iPod Shuffle 2G has been discontinued. If you are a swimmer and own an iPod Shuffle 2G, you will love this accessory. All you need is a waterproof case. Combined with the Surge model, this headphone system gives you the best underwater music experience with the shuffle.

A rubber box holds the 2G Shuffle comfortably, keeping it safe from the water. A pressure clasp is used for this purpose. You can dive underwater up to 12 feet and your shuffle will be safe. You have access to the power and/or shuffle mode switches. This one promises to keep the Shuffle dry as it comes from a company with extensive experience. The weight addition is small.
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The iDS3 is unique in its sound quality and power, there is nothing like it. The iDS2 was great and the iDS3 is even better. The styling is minimalist and the features set straightforward. This one also has iPhone interference shielding. This 2.1 channel audio system is impressive – the only three issues are limited user adjustability, high price and video expandability questions.

The design of the i-DS3 mirrors the industrial design of the iPod. The internal components are very smart. With a streamlined body and nice curves, you can choose between black and white in this speaker system.
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Earphone fashion is a fashion unto its own. It has evolved and bettered over the past few years. Aesthetics became popular after the iPod became big. Large casings made way to smaller ones. Rough edges made way to smoother ones. Materials became interesting looking and smooth. There was a fundamental rethink in the approach to earphone making.

Nixon The Wire In-Ear Custom Earphones cost $90 and a good attempt has been made to make the big earphones more visually appealing. There is a combination microphone and single button remote control on the cord. The emphasis is more on treble in these earphones and less on bass.

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iPods are now more powerful and efficient than ever before. The Tunejuice battery charger for the iPhone costs $30 and looks better than the first Tunejuice. The white and glossy Tunejuice is now matte and black. The new version uses 4 AAA batteries.

Now the iPhone can be powered for about two hours of talk time or 1.5 hours of internet use. A completely discharged iPod Nano 4G can be completely recharged. The first set of AAA’s will be provided by Griffin and you have to buy the rest.
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Over the years since the iPod came in, “in canal” earphones have become more popular. There are many that are moderately priced and high priced. Every once in a while a low priced one is launched, though.  Altec Lansing has launched Backbeat, in canal earphones over a wide price range aimed at providing a better musical experience. These earphones range from a price of $30 to $80.

From the outside, the look and feel of all three Backbeat earphones is the same. Made of plastic and silicone rubber, these earphones look pretty in black and gold. The rubber tips are clear and the feel is solid. They look serious and convey professionalism. There is no mic or remote included with these models.
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Phitek Blackbox C18 are earcup style noise cancellation headphones. These phones are good but I prefer noise cancelling canalphones. Although the sound is good and some of the surrounding sound is stopped, with lighter, cheaper options available that provide the same benefits why would someone want to buy the C18?

The C18 buds, although large are nice looking. They are made totally from black plastic. They are comfortable to the ear with soft touch rubber coats. Also included is the large zippered carrying case, headphone adapters – 2 as well as a mini lanyard.
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Saffire Jukebox Station Review

Nostalgia is the key in the purchase of a Saffire Jukebox Station. Just three feet tall unlike a traditional jukebox (5 feet), the Saffire Jukebox’s sound is umm satisfactory. Audio performance is not the best there is. The wood cabinet and front look fantastic and the only eyesores are the tiny font and artwork.

66 pounds heavy, this Jukebox Station with a Universal Dock for the iPod has an 80 watt stereo system with a CD player, FM radio, IR remote and av outputs that can connect to tv. The top is shielded by plastic and contains a universal iPod Dock. The iPod is safe inside coz there are keys that remain with you. Read the rest of this entry »

Westone 3 is available for $400 and is a revolutionary 3 way speaker system. Is it worth the $300? Lets go into the details. The $400 speaker earphones from Westone is completely different from Ultimate Ears offering. There are 11 different ear tips that come with the Westone 3. Eight sets of rubber tips are also part of the package in many sizes. There are 3 sizes of comply style foam tips.

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Mount this iPod speaker dock next to your toilet, the AFT iCarta has four audio drivers, docks for standard iPods and iPod shuffles. In addition non iPod devices can have a line level input. As if that wasn’t enough even toilet paper can be held in it. Wall power supply and mounting accessories are included.

Some issues with this dock is that it doesn’t auto detect and plays from the iPod only after manually turning power on. Quality of sound is satisfactory and not more than that. Versatility is low. The iCarta from AFt costs $100.
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